Cafe Scientifique presents Alzheimer's Disease Looking for Answers.

Dr. Melanie Martin adverstises Cafe Scientique on CJOB at 7:30 am Sunday January 10, 2010.
Dr. Melanie Martin advertises Cafe Sientifique on CBC Radio at 3:10 pm Tuesday January 12, 2010. It comes on about 10 minutes into the program.

It's sad but true. Thousands of Canadians are well-versed in the effects of Alzheimer's disease. They know its heartbreaking impact intimately as they watch their loved ones slip away.

But how much do we know about what's being done to fight this monster? This Tuesday at McNally Robinson Booksellers, the public will get a chance to hear from Manitoba experts in the field when Cafe Scientifique presents Alzheimer's Disease: Looking for Answers.

These cafes provide non-researcher folks with an opportunity to chat with experts on various health topics and related research in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. Attendees can expect to learn about the latest research - sometimes controversial but always interesting - underway in Manitoba and across the country or globe.

A new study out of the United States surprisingly suggests long-term exposure to electromagnetic waves from cell phones may prevent and even reverse Alzheimer's disease. Closer to home, U of M researchers are examining microscopic compounds within our blood, and imaging our most precious organ - the brain. They are trying to figure out how the disease impairs memory and ultimately develop effective treatments.

Every five minutes another Canadian develops dementia. Given our aging population, 30 years from now there will be a new case of dementia every two minutes, according to a report recently released by the Alzheimer Society of Canada to mark January as Alzheimer Awareness Month. The report urges Ottawa to come up with a national plan to deal with the accompanying financial toll. Want to get in on the discussion? Join our panelists Dr. Marc Del Bigio, Dr. Gordon Glazner, Dr. Melanie Martin and Ms. Norma Kirkby (Program Director for the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba) - along with facilitator Dr. Kathy Gough - on Jan. 12 at 7 pm at McNally Robinson Booksellers - Travel Alcove, 1120 Grant Avenue.