MRI related research

The MRI Group focuses on using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to diagnose, understand, and evaluate treatments of central nervous system disorders. We do this through a better understanding of how MRI metrics correlate with anatomy and function.


The research in this lab is performed in 2 centres

1. In Vivo Experimental Animal Magnetic Resonance Micrscopy Centre located at the Health Sciences Centre.

Pictured at right is the Martin MRI Group near a 7 T Horizontal Bore Bruker MR scanner which is located at HSC.


2. The University of Winnipeg  MRI Laboratory

Pictured at right is the Martin MRI Group in the MRI Laboratory located at the University of Winnipeg.



Recent publications from the lab


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Mercredi ME, Vincent TJ, Bidinosti CP, Martin M Assessing the accuracy of using oscillating gradient spin echo sequences with AxCaliber to infer micron-sized axon diameters, Magn Reson Mater Phy (2017) 30:1-14.

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Matsuda K, Lopes-Calcas A, Honke M, O'Brien Moran Z, Buist R, West M, Martin M, Ex vivo tissue imaging for Radiology-Pathology correlation: A pilot study with a small bore 7 T MRI in a rare pigmented ganglioglioma exhibiting complex MR signal characteristics associated with melanin and hemosiderin. Journal of Medical Imaging (2017) 4(3): 0360001

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